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Youth Ministry

“Transformed youths living transformed lives.”


Embracing our mission to Reach, Evangelise, and Develop Youth (READY), the Pentecostal Conquerors Department is a vibrant hub where young individuals are empowered to experience and embody transformation through Christ. Our focus is on nurturing a generation of youths who are not only transformed in their personal lives but are also active agents of change in their communities and beyond. Through a diverse array of programs, we offer avenues for spiritual growth, leadership development, and meaningful service to Christ Jesus.

Every Quizzer is a Winner

Youth Bible Quiz Portal

Find all the resources you need, from quizzes and scoresheets to manuals and guidelines. Whether you're a seasoned quizzer or just starting out, our portal has everything to equip you for success.

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Sheaves for Christ
 Moves the Gospel

Sheaves for Christ is the fundraising arm of the National Youth Department. The offering collected is used to fund the department’s programmes as well as to assist churches in their evangelistic efforts through the purchase of PA systems, musical instruments, and more!


2023 Target



2023 Collection

Programmes of the Youth Department

1. Youth Services

Regular services that cater specifically to the spiritual needs and growth of the youth in the church.

2. Youth Week

When: January – March

A week of activities led by local youth committees to engage young people in Christ-centered living and to involve them in God's work.

3. Bible Quiz

When: June - July

A competition to encourage deeper Bible study among the Pentecostal Conquerors, fostering a love for scripture and knowledge.

4. Sheaves for Christ

When: April - October

A fundraising initiative to support evangelism and ministry needs. Includes regional kick-off and climax services, with local churches actively raising funds.

5. Teen & Youth Camp

When: July

Week-long camps for different age groups, focusing on training, fellowship, and evangelism. The Teen Camp is a collaboration with the Sunday School Department.

6. Prayer Action Fellowship (PAF)

Organizing students' prayer meetings and general prayer efforts to strengthen the prayer life of the youth in the church.

7. Youth Evangelism Outreach Ministries (YEOM)

Youth led evangelism program with activities like Youth Corps, Operation Win Them, and Carolling for Christ, targeting community outreach and campus ministry.

8. Campus Ministry

Includes Devotion in Schools, Pre-Exam Victory Service, Back to School Victory Service, and supporting the Universities & Colleges Apostolic Ministry (UCAM), focusing on integrating apostolic teachings in educational settings.

9. Training Seminars

Flexible training sessions held throughout the year, aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of youth and committee members at all organizational levels.



Meet the Team


Minister Sheldon Gayle


Minister Fabian Edwards 


Promotions Director

Minister Michael Brown 

Training Director

Sister Lanice Hall 


YEOM Director

Brother Sherwayne McLarty 


Bible Quiz Director

Sister René Russell Brent-Harris 


Prayer Action Fellowship Director

Sister Oona Spence 

Regional Coordinator: Region 1

Sister Benita Douse 

Regional Coordinator: Region 2

Sister Tsahai Morgan 

Regional Coordinator: Region 3

Sister Joleen Davids 

Regional Coordinator: Region 4

Minister Santeeno Grant

Regional Coordinator: Region 5

Brother Knarado Denniston


Regional Coordinator: Region 6

Brother Triston Coleman


Regional Coordinator: Region 7

Brother Oniel Tracy


Sheldon Gayle



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