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Business Professional and Trade Person Association

The National Business Professionals and Tradespersons Association (BPTA) is dedicated to unifying Apostolic businesses, professionals, and tradespersons. Our mission is to foster a community of growth and development, both spiritually and professionally while honouring and serving the needs of the Apostolic Movement and the wider community. Through quality service, biblical perspective, and a commitment to health, wellness, and education, we strive to provide sustainable livelihoods for our members and make a positive impact on society.


BPTA Directory

Looking for a specific product or service, or want to advertise your own? Visit the BPTA Directory! Let’s support our community of apostolic businesses, professionals, and tradespersons.


Our Team

BPTA President

Moira Peddlar


Bro Sheroy Lawrence

Regional Coordinators

Region 1

Min Joseph Lothian

Region 2

Min Michael Card

Region 3

Min Dwight Douglas

Region 4

Bro Decon Neil

Region 5

Bro Christopher Hylton

Region 6

Min Michael Brown

Region 7

Bro Moses Johnston


Moira E. Peddlar



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